Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Packing....the never ending battle!

I'm come to realize that I only have a few weeks left before staging. The thoughts going through my mind are "oh crap" then "oh well". There are certain necessities that I must acquire from various depots and retailers before my final leaving of the great U. S. of A. The only problem is that I only have a vague idea of what I should be taking with me. I was...key word is was.... suppose to receive a welcome book from my country desk at the Peace Corp headquarters but have yet to do so....

In this most beneficial of welcome books there should be a suggested packing list for what I should be acquiring. Now, there are a bunch of suggested packing lists for what I should be bringing from all kinds of websites from various people that have served somewhere in Africa. But as far as I can tell it varies largely based on what people feel like they "need".

Things I will definitely be bringing:
Clothes: naked kwang is cool for a while but you know....the natives might complain (apparently showing my knees is scandalous)
MP3 player: i needs my beats....it gets lonely out there
Pictures: of my woman and family...i might forget what they look like after 2.25 years

Beyond that its a battle of the "what materials things define me and will help me to survive"

Who knows I might just meet the 80lb max requirement..... I better, I'm gonna be carrying all this crap (which would be 61.5% of my body weight)

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