Wednesday, November 08, 2006

peacea corpo

I've realized that I've been taking mefloquine for more than a year now.....I'm beginning to wonder if my brain chemistrys been messed with in some way.  Is mefloquine a psychotropic drug?  You'll let me know if I act a little weird or speak in funny languages right? 

I was surfing through other peoples xanga sites looking at group pictures and an interesting thought came to my mind:

"Where are the black people?" 

Suppose I've gotten used to seeing black Africans everywhere I go...interesting.

I'm part of a group of volunteers who are peer supporters and during the recent training we were talking about how many of the volunteers feel frustration for always feeling like they are singled out and people stare at them or point at them.  But then its funny because when we see a random white person coming into the village we do the same thing, "we're like who's that, whats she doing here,  oh my gosh she's showing her thighs!"