Thursday, December 28, 2006

My visit home

I'm been in the states for a few weeks now and been experiencing the wonders of life in the land of plenty.  I suppose in so many ways many things are pretty much the same......the sights, the smells, the routines.  Theres always that part of me thats thinking in the back of my mind that none of whats going on is new to me.  I'm driving (which I hadn't done in over a year) and I'm thinking..."don't freak out, this isn't anything new".  Of course my other brain is thinking....."whoa, this feels weird".  Then the rational middle of my brain is thinking......"this is america, in america they drive on the right side of the road, also in america people do not ride in the back of pickup trucks, ahhh america the land of no roundabouts".

I've also been enjoying the joys of eating food you can actually feel the grease attacking your veins and heart..Yum....
This is also the land of big things:
big houses, big cars, big pants, big bellies, even big vegetables......

Its scary when you realize that you have two thought processes going through your mind when you buy that nice juicy hamburger and fries
Brain 1:   mmmm mmmm mmmmmm.....bring it on
Brain 2:  you paid what for that *!@!#!  Dude, thats like how much you spent in a month in the village.  Are you nuts!

Is it possible to have multiple personalities?  I'm looking back on the first half of my Peace Corp experience so far and am glad for the experiences I've had.  I'm still having trouble putting everything into words of how I feel so far and what my expectations are for my remaining time.  I'm officially a 2nd year volunteer now, whoo hoo.   Hopefully I can get a few more projects off the ground and help the community initiate them.  We'll see if they bear any fruit.  All I can do is pray and try.  The greatest thing I suppose I'm greatful for are the amazing people I've met and gotten to know.  That in and of itself I suppose is the greatest gift so far of this experience.  There are no such thing as perfect people but something is inspiring of meeting and working with people who have the heart and desire to make a difference.......If human beings are created in the image of God, this I believe is when its best reflected...

Flying back on Jan. 2nd!