Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just thinking out loud

Well the second term is finally over. My students are sort of learning something.  I think......but based on the assessments that I gave them I don't think they really understand anything that I've taught them in the last 3 months or so.......
Frustrating!!!!.............................It's even worse when they ask me if they can borrow a book to read over the break and I'm like.....eeeee  I don't have any you can borrow.  If one of them borrows a book them the rest of them will just on me like leeches asking for a book.  If I even think that the book will be returned but theres no guarantees either. 
Oh....if there are any trainees headed this way anytime soon: do not! i repeat do not throw away your cell phones at the airport!!! (this is what some of the people from the new environment group did!!! yikes!!)  This may be one of the poorest countries in the world but they still have cell phone service.  I mean I have service in my village and its literally in the middle of nowhere.  You just need to have a GSM enabled phone thats been unlocked.  But even the unlocking part can be done here for probably u.s. equivalent 10 bucks so you probably don't want to do that in the states either.   The good part is that people from the states can call me without me being charged for anything (but it costs like a dollar a minute for me to call the states)
Eun's visiting me   yea!! 
Airplane ticket: alot of money!
Safari: alot of money!
Zanzibar: alot of money!
Seeing my site and hitching around Malawi: free!
Seeing your most precious lady friend after 9 months 21 days 9 hours 23 seconds and 16.2 milliseconds and counting....:  Priceless