Saturday, January 28, 2006

Whats been going ON!

Well I've been teaching for about 2 weeks now.  The struggles of being a peace corp volunteer can vary from person to person and depending on the site.  I would say the great thing about my site is that I wake to an amazing view of the Nyika plateau every morning.  It makes you want to sing Hallelujah watching the clouds roll of the hills and when it rains the chance of seeing not one but multiple rainbows is amazing.  Aside from the heat, I've gotten pretty used to my site and living life here (as much as an azungu can in 3-4 months).  The hardest struggles I would say are with frustrations of seeing things occur that you have very little control over and waves of loneliness that can feel like its crippling.  The thing is that many times I have to consciously make an effort everyday to believe I'm making a difference here.  Were so used to having things occur instantly for us back in the states that when things slow down as you have to in order to do anything here its somewhat of a shock.  I don't know, just thinking too much.
This thats are "interesting" here as a teacher at a CDSS.  Some of the students have to walk 2-3 hours to get to school and then another 2-3 hours to get back.  Would you come to school?  They do...  Teaching math without books is ok, I can give notes.  But dang yo.....teaching english without books, these students have nothing to read.  We PCV's get newsweeks so I've been giving those out as reading material.  Pray for me is all I can say.....
Anyways whenever I can get some more descent internet time I'll write a more detailed and prosetastic rendition of life in Africa.
Anyone thats interested in seeing pictures of training and such, one of the peeps in my group has posted some photos....Go here------>
Take care and write me people, I get lonely :-(
Advice to people thinking of becoming peace corp volunteers.
1) Bring Jeans, you'll thank me
2) Bring contacts, you'll thank me (don't forget the solution like I did)
3) If you buy a solar charger buy the one from Brunton not Isun (trust me I'm an engineer)
4) Send yourself a box of books before you leave then let me borrow them
Till next time....


Anonymous said...

Hi kwang!!
Sorry, I hope you don't think i'm a stalker or anything...but I've been reading your entries...mostly because I'm thinking of joining the Peace Corps too (hopefully right after graduation in may of 2007). But just to say thanks for info on the PC, and i hope you are still being encouraged there in Malawi. Keep on praising! :)

-patty. (junior @ Tech)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr Peace Corp----
It is pleasing to speak out obnoxiously and Murmuring while we are on the adventure. The youth is precious and time is mellow whatever and whichever we aimmed to pursued to make acheive the goal and be happier in his (or her) life. Enjoy the beauties of the Creator's World and keep strong in emotionally and physically. take a good care of yourself until your mission complete. We pray for your humanity mission in Africa.....
God Bless -----
Chang from yorktown, Va