Sunday, December 11, 2005

Almost a Volunteer....

Well guess what folks...just a few more days and training will be over.  We the people of the 2005 education peace corp volunteers for Malawi will be swearing in on thursday of this week.  Then we'll be getting ready to be shipped off to our respective sites.  It's amazing but it feels like we've been in Malawi forever.  The way that time seems to slow down is amazing.  But it seems like for pretty much everyone were just simply ready to get the heck out of training and get on with it.  It's crazy but our 2 years haven't even officially started yet.  Of the original 17 trainees that started we lost one about a week ago.  We were very sad that she had to go, but she like anyone else had their reasons. 
Looks like for the school that I'll be teaching at they want me to teach enlish along with math so we'll have to see how that goes.  Its definitely a struggle when your trying to teach with almost no resources available.  At the site i'm going to be at they literally have only one book for each of the subjects that we are expected to teach (let alone that they don't even have syllabuses).  We need a miracle here....But anyways the teaching and learning must commence somehow.  Thats it for now......If anyone sends mail put Kwang Han, PCV   oooohhh yeahhhhhh...
Till next time.

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Hi Kwang,

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