Sunday, January 07, 2007


I'm at an interesting point in my life......

I've reached the midpoint of my peace corp service and so many thoughts of what I want to do before I leave is bubbling up in my mind.....possible approval of a full library project for the school, completion of a smaller temporary library, accessing national library service/donor organizations for books, developing income generating projects related to a orphan support group, teaching my students ultimate frisbee (need a frisbee though, anyone want to donate a frisbee?  pretty please.....), and of course teaching.  Can it be done?  Only God knows for sure, pray for me.  I'm serious.........

I'm approaching my 30's, engaged, and I want little kwang's (a few little eun's will be cool too)
Future mantra to my wife:  Push 'em out shove 'em out way out!
But to do all that I would need to find a job, help plan a wedding, find a place to live......oh the stress of it all
Love you honey 

So what to do?  Should I leave earlier, I can't expect my beyonce to do it alone.  Let alone I need to time to readjust and obtain my pseudo american brain back before I can survive in that society.  *Yes I did feel like a tourist, alien, freaked out african when I came to visit*  Like I said before, in many ways it feels like you never left but in so many other ways its just not the same anymore......

Sidenote: I wonder if she knows what she's getting into

But commitments have been made here, can't simply give my 2 weeks notice, we're not that easily replaceable.  Volunteers only come in every two years (for each sector).  One of the reasons for peace corp is to provide human resources where people are needed or simply don't want to go....

Its interesting, Did you know most nurses who are Malawian and who had been trained here work in the U.K.?  People go where the money is......don't forget this is a country devastated by HIV/AIDS and have approximately 100 doctors for a population of close to 12 million.  <--------- That was pretty random but I don't think I have a particular purpose  for this entry.

So what am I trying to say?  I feel selfish
why?  dunno

does anything i do or say make any sense?   probably not, i wonder myself how I got here

Oh yeah...anticipation
Hmm....I think I simply enjoy change, anticipating change
We'll see where this story goes

To be continued........

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Michael said...

Congratulations on the engagement Kwang! And Eun (if you read this)!

It was good seeing you when you were here. Mulligans and TOPS miss your 'old' appetite.

Where do I send the frsibees? Would you recommend having them sent out of SA instead of the US?
I can make it happen.

Best of luck and keep in touch!