Thursday, August 24, 2006

Want to help with a Peace Corp Project?

Hello everyone who's looking at this beautiful piece of typed prose this very moment.  This little blurb below describes a project that I'm a part of (I'm the bursar, "the dude handling the money and paying for stuff")  Please donate if you can and help with the project.
This project was started by education PCV's here in Malawi several years ago and my group has decided to continue it.

In an effort to encourage and further the education of students attending Community Day Secondary Schools, Peace Corps education volunteers host an annual summer school for two weeks during the Nov.-Dec. summer holiday. Through this school, students are offered the opportunity to attend classes that complement and expand on the subjects the students are taught during the traditional school year as well as participate in fieldtrips to local businesses and national parks in the surrounding area.

Nicknamed CAMPSKY (Career and MSCE Preparation for Successful and Knowledgeable Youth), Summer School 2006 will host 60 of the brightest students from the schools in which we (Peace Corps Volunteers) teach. Through CAMP SKY we hope to give these students the opportunity to study in a more challenging and diverse atmosphere than what is normally offered at the Community Day Secondary Schools that they attend. We plan an intense set of core classes to help prepare the students for their government MSCE exams, taken at the end of their senior year and which determine the course that they follow after graduation. Also offered are a range of electives that will allow the kids to explore their musical, journalistic, star-gazing, and catapult-building creativity. We may even use the catapults to launch a chicken or two, after properly calculating the trajectory of an average chicken, of course.

CAMPSKY is an independent creation of Peace Corps Volunteers and their communities and, as such, is funded by friends and family. Donations from home are important in making CAMP SKY possible, no matter what size. A donation of $100 pays for food, lodging, and transport for one student for the entire duration of CAMP SKY. Every donation is immensely helpful (and tax deductible). 

Donations are collected through Friends of Malawi, and can be made by check or online.  Be sure to clearly designate your donation for our Summer School.  The website below has specific instructions and a link to donate online.  To donate, click on the button next to PCV Summer School Project.

If you prefer to donate by mail, please write FOM Summer School in the memo line of the check.  Mailing instructions can be found on the website above. 

We appreciate very much anything that you are able to share with our school program and thank you in advance for your support. Look forward to a web page to be posted in December sharing pictures and stories so that you can see what a wonderful thing you've helped to make possible.

All our thanks – Zikomo kwambiri!

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